“Every child is an artist. 
The problem is to stay an artist once they grow up.”
-Pablo Ruiz Picasso


When did we stop being artists? Why did we stop making and creating things?

We used to make houses out of trees, creatures out of sands, and boats out of leaves.

We used to see the world differently, our lives were full of music and imaginaries.


And then we grow up. We no longer imagine; we think. 

Perhaps it’s time to go back to our nature- the artists we once were.

Back to catching ourselves off guard. Back to listening to our hearts instead of trying too hard.


Let go. Take a leap of faith, break out of our pattern, and make mistakes.

So, that artist hat? 2020, just put it on. See where great ideas will lead you to.

Makers of 2020 

Takahara Suiko, Deanna Azli, Amir Shiraz, Shan Shan Lim, Tengku Syahmi

Here at ANAABU, we believe everyone is an artist in one way or another, professionals or non-professionals. Everyone contributes to the building of their local community and the betterment of this world in general, even when they don’t realize it. We also believe that everyone deserves to look good and feel good, despite the little time that they have for themselves.

SARUNG 2.0 is us paying homage to that – a collection of stress-free, worry-free, no-frills and no-nonsense. Daily wear made of lightweight, breathable cotton with additional ribbed jersey for an easy slip-on – hence,

Sarung je”.

Designed with distinctive classic patterns to create numbers of mix and match combinations, you can wear them again and again over the years effortlessly.

Because truly, we’re more than just consumers. We’re makers.


Art Direction & Photography

Shah Azman

Amani Azlin


Matthew Chow


Production Assistant

Christy Vignesh

Sara Kong

Fara Fadzil

Ezza Farizza

Makers of 2020

Tengku Syahmi (Fashion Designer)

Shan Shan Lim (Artist)

Takahara Suiko (Singer/Songwriter)

Amir Shiraz (Photographer)

Deanna Azli (Stylist)


In collaboration with




Makeup Artist

Juliana Nazar



Ana Abu

Deanni Azli


Social Media

Izlia Izelan

Balkis Burhanudin



Wani Ardy

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