About Us

Comfort. Practicality. Versatility.

These are the heart of ANAABU. 

Being an independent apparel label that infuses soft androgyny into its creation, ANAABU has always emboldened individuality. Each piece is created intimately with minimal adornment and neutral colours to unlock boundless possibilities of styling. This includes revisiting tradition and preserving heritage by reviving classic pieces and discovering fresh ways of styling them.  The brand works largely with linen and cotton, and other natural fibers, reflecting clean silhouettes for perfect essentials of a capsule wardrobe. 

ANAABU is often driven by stories. Stories of life, people, feelings and things surrounding us. Every collection is an expression and interpretation of life viewed from the eyes of ANAABU. Every campaign is distinctive and delivered through unique storytelling. Every sketch from scratch, every detailed design, every finalized masterpiece, every curation put together -- serves a meaning and a purpose.

The Revolution

Officially registered as a company in January 2010,  ANAABU STUDIO SDN BHD (1523967-T) it all began with our founder, former civil engineer Ana Abu selling vintage clothing online. Over the years, ANAABU has been through various processes of re-branding and re-structuring. In January 2015, the brand started concentrating on producing its own collections. 

Currently, ANAABU is slowly embarking on a sustainability journey; going on a circular path as per our logo direction. Reaching a greener production system has been a huge shift forward, thus we try to do our best by using natural fabric, controlling our resources and quantity, regulating thorough research and development in terms of pattern-making -- all as a means to minimize wastage.

How ANAABU presents its creation has also improved in a way that is kinder to the ecosystem. The material that is used for shopping experience has been crafted to be recyclable and reusable, while the internal packaging are all recycled. With each garment purchased, there is a hang tag made of seed paper to encourage tree planting. A small yet significant gesture in creating awareness and consciousness to our customers to “look good and do good.”

Although these work on sustainability could not be done to its fullest scale just yet due to certain limitations in finance and regulations, but with the right values and effort, we believe that our baby steps can lead to greater changes in the future.

Indeed it takes a lot of effort in producing effortless pieces. This, we embrace.

Today, ANAABU’s pop-up store called Kedai Fizikal can be found at the historical lane of Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The classical building’s interior and structure are carefully preserved with minimal refurbishing, which goes hand-in-hand with our principle of reimagining local heritage.