Effort for Effortlessness

“Fashion is the second largest polluter in the world.”


Nothing hits us harder than this.


We talked about disposing trash into separate bins, we preached “don’t litter”
to kids, we thought caring for the environment is about observing our
surroundings, when actually, one of the prime culprits is not just around us,
but on us. It’s the clothes we wear, on our bodies, every single day, that has
been harming this earth. How can we not be more aware that something so
close to our skin, has done so much damage to our nature? This planet we call
home has given us everything we need, yet in return we steal more and more.


Is it too late? How do we rectify our past mistakes? Do we stop at reusing
straws and cutleries, shopping bags and eating organic? Is that enough, or is
there more that we can do?


Are we just consumers, or are we humans, first?


At ANAABU, we don’t stop learning and finding ways to improve, not only in
terms of our products, but ourselves as a brand. There’s gotta be more than
just- us, making and selling, while you, buying and wearing.


There’s gotta be more to life.


We have evolved through many ways since our first day in the industry.
In all honesty, our transition into sustainable fashion has not been a walk in
the park. In fact, it is probably one of our biggest steps forward, and the most
challenging progress to date. But doing the right thing should not be easy. And
while we strive to do good to the ecosystem, it does not mean that we cannot
be creative. Today, our philosophy and values as an entrepreneur may have
changed, but our style and look as a fashion brand remains the same. Because
what you love, matter. Though how we make it, is another (meaningful) story.


Sustainable fashion is a long journey, but a very important one. It does not
happen overnight. Ours are only baby steps. We try our best to control what
we could, starting with material sourcing and using the right packaging, with hope that small changes will some day lead to greater changes.