EID 2020: ALAM

EID 2020: ALAM

“The heavens and the earth were of one piece before being parted.”

Do clouds ever take dusk for granted? Day after day, they create a picture-perfect magnificence – do they ever feel tired? Do they ever forget their purpose? We only truly appreciate togetherness when it is gone. We love the most when we have lost.
Notice the tree; the branch is way up high, that it only remembers pain when the root has died. Indeed, it is never our nature to be separated. There is no power in being divided. Raindrops will eventually be reunited with the waves of the sea, and so will we. Dancing in unison like water ripples… orbiting into endless day and night cycles. 

ANAABU has always been about going back to basics, but this festive season we are inviting you to reflect deeper and return even further: The nature.

We are inviting you to celebrate growth – because journey matters more than destiny, progress matters more than success – and to embrace selflessness – because life is too short, thus appreciating what you have while you have is a simple must. To be able to do this, one needs to sincerely forgive himself or herself, as well as forgiving others. 

ANAABU’s Alam is birthed by this philosophy of tolerance and togetherness, just as how nature consists of many diverse elements to form a complete universe. Symbolised through design names such as Awan, Rintik, Renyai, Karang, Dahan, Lilit, Senja, Jagat, Umbi and Rimbathis collection carries 6 pairs of practical feminine outfit and 3 pairs of functional unisex piece. Earthy hues of black, brown, white, and neutral that signify soil and water come into play — alongside contrasting shades of green for leaves, while maroon, peach, and mustard paint a beautiful portrait of dusk.

If there is one meaningful thing that Mother Nature has taught us, it is this:

Either we live together and care for each other, or none of us live at all.

ANAABU x Project Underscore Production

Director  Amani Azlin

Photographer Shah Azman

Videographer Matthew Chow

Producer  Sara Kong

Choreographer Tess Pang

Production Assistants  Jacky Chung, Yugan, Farah Fadzil, Christy Vignesh, Khairi Asyraff and Lo Bach

Makeup Artist Nadira 

Stylist Ayenn Jamal and Ana Abu

Assistants Aimi Ismail, Syira Rahim, Anis Khairunnisa and Amirul Husaini


Megat Zulkifli, Afiq Adeeb, Amir Shiraz,

Ariff MdNoor, Shufitri, Hafiz,

Dhan Illiani, Nina Amin, Hanie Soraya,

Safuraa Razak, Deanna, Deanni,

Izza Shafiqa, Seri Mizani, Natasha Izatil,

Axzellyta Salma Diva, Fatin Humaira,

Yong Kamila & Anjali Nijjar Venugopal.

Copywriting  Wani Ardy

Visual & Branding  South Swing

Special thanks

Accessories Mowgli Store

Shawls Izza Shafiqaa

Footwear Nazifi Nasri

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