Bergandingan bahu. Bergandingan tangan.
Shoulder to shoulder. Hand in hand.


Hello brothers. Hello sisters.  

Here are offerings of peace and harmony.
Here are hearts broken yet souls stronger than ever.

Together, side by side, we are just like a single body.
“When any part of the body suffers, the whole body feels pain.”



This year, we are re-learning about the
importance of compassion and mutual kindness.

Often, by the traditional law of attraction,
we would think that an act of hatred
will spread hatred as well.
But this time, it attracts the opposite.

This time, is an exception,
because it attracts understanding and togetherness.

You and me, hand in hand, as two is better than one.



We are friends. We are lovers. We are family.

Isn’t love a continuity that binds and weaves us?
It continues and breaks through the wall of every difference.

Shanti. Shalom. Salam.
They all mean one paramount, majestic thing:


In solidarity, love will win. Love will always win.



In celebrating the victory and festivity of love,
comes Gandeng by ANAABU.

An extension of the previous Jalinan collage,
Gandeng carries on the Eid spirit of togetherness,
connection, and relationship. 
Mingling modern
and traditional culture, merging fresh and conventional
design, all into one collection of effortless yet timeless look.
Its classic blend of textured fabric – bold weave and
embroidery, fine line and plaid – represents harmony
and synergy, much like the wearers themselves;
made of a million little things and never one-dimensional.



Living up to the name of the assemblage –
Gandeng, colours are paired up like perfect match as
it takes two to tango. Bright and earthy tones for couples,
consisting of white, khaki, dark blue, and black as the
signature foundation, while maroon and coral bricks
join in as the better half.

Together, they complete each other and last stronger.



Art Direction & Photography
Shah Azman

Film & Production
Wayang Inderaloka

Kara Inez
Syukri Stevel

Makeup Artist
Afie Rohim

Ana Abu

Wani Ardy

In collaboration with
Nelissa Hilman
Nazifi Nasri


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