2018. What a year.
There were moments when we were literally crawling towards our dreams like gummy candy worms, and there were moments when we were flying so high and carelessly like a spilled bucket of confetti.
Months passed by then suddenly December bells come to visit and jingle its greetings. Hello, end-year! The busiest yet jolliest time of the year, thanks to completion of commitments and happy holiday as celebratory gift. It is in the midst of these family reunions and festive occasions that we would pause and reflect.
How often do we count our blessings?
What charity and kind deeds have we done for others and for ourselves?
How far have we come and how further can we go?
ANAABU’s newest resolution is to kickstart a sustainable journey which of course, will not be easy peasy. This effort in creating effortlessness alone is huge - therefore, everything else shall be held simple and practical.
“Sarung je,” we would say.
New year. New perception. New awareness.


Rejoicing a season of togetherness with a comeback - ANAABU returns with SARUNG; a humble collection of thoughtful daily wear. Functionality and flexibility have always been our key, and this collection is named so exactly because of that. Due to its distinctive elastic element, every piece is stress-free and easy to wear. More room for movement, for wonderment, for giving and receiving.

Four prime designs complimented by eleven fresh earthy colours, representing our baby steps in caring for the environment. To preserve its organicity, materials used are cotton and linen including decorative accessories, with shell buttons to flatter the whole laid-back look. Top it off with added line prints to keep it minimal yet merry. Such is the nature of wardrobe staple for generations; from students to professionals, from boys and girls, singles to moms, to men and women.

Unbox and wrap yourself in SARUNG; a new spirit, a new you.

Love and light.


Photographer & Art Director: Shah Azman x Amani Azlin

Talents: Delaila Richard & Daeng Syahadat

Makeup Artist: Afie Rohim

Stylist: Ana Abu & Fiq Rashid

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