"woven, connection, relationship"
When was the last time you took a moment to truly look at someone in the eye? The last time you held the hands of your loved ones and felt the texture of their skin? It is a quick-paced life and we are drifting apart more than we could revive. We store priceless conversations in fragile machines and keep important relations in just screens.
Now, breathe in.
This is a point to reconnect and weave back into basic. We are bits and pieces of many different souls who crisscross the paths where we stroll. We are made of love, family ties, friendships- all braided together and intertwined into one. But most significantly, our rekindled hearts are woven from our spiritual belief, and our bold connection with The Provider of All Relief. 

JALINAN by ANAABU is an assemblage which emphasises on the philosophy of connection, relationship, and togetherness. Not only Eid has been embraced as a spiritual occasion of reconnected hearts and renewed relationships; it is also a season of cultural diversity and strong unity.

Inspired by the beautiful bond between people and cultural diversity in this colourful land of Malaysia, a fusion of traditional and contemporary collection is created to celebrate this joyous event. ANAABU weaves this idea into its wearables where plaid and woven fabric is chosen as a symbol of harmony; of different elements coming together as one. Dusty bold colours are selected to represent cultural diversity and ageless versatility.
The JALINAN collage is made of 9 essential pieces that can be paired with each other for men and women and styled differently for different occasions. In order to preserve ANAABU’s signature effortless style that is celebrated by many, the designs are kept minimal, yet structured and practical for Eid, and beyond Eid.
ANAABU EID 2018: JALINAN is now available for purchase!
Design & Concept: Ana Abu
Photography: Amani Azlin
Talent: Megat Zul Ibrahim, Sabriyah Ahmad, Nina Amin & Nadhir Nasar
Makeup Artist: Afie Rohim
Setup: Deanni
In collaboration with : @byfqi hijab
Article by: Wani Ardy
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  • Hi, I wonder if you are willing to restock all your previous collections for 2021? Thank you

    Noor on
  • Hi, I wonder if you are willing to restock all your previous collections for 2021? Thank you

    Noor on
  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    wdpdyonnql on
  • koleksi jalinan ni akan ada comeback x???

    dayone on
  • Loooove this collection <3

    Nadiah on
  • How to order & can select color/design?

    Ain on

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