“Black is always elegant. It is the most complete colour in the whole world, made of all the colours in the palette.” – Ricardo Tisci

“There’s something about black. You feel hidden away in it.” —  Georgia O’Keeffe

“I love black because it affirms, designs and styles. A woman in a black dress is a pencil stroke.” — Yves Saint Laurent


There are some things that will always be in style – and black is one of them. The colour is always associated with effortless, beyond the season, representing chic and elegance. Anaabu embarks 2018 with the aim to provide timeless, essential pieces - the pieces that could be worn in cycle. The Black Series - The Best in Black features bestsellers pieces and new loose silhouettes designed in black, including accessories that will be released phase by phase throughout the year.

Black Series: The Best in Black can now be purchased online and walk-in store (Anaabu Showroom, Bangsar & Ilaika Store, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia).

Art Direction: Shah Azman & Amani
Photographer: Shah Azman
Videographer: Amani
Talent: Hadri & Seri Mizani
MUA: Afie Rahim
Production Assistant: Deanni & Nina Amin



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