A Creator of Yourself



One must be different, to be original.

One must embrace true potential, to set apart.

One must be composed, to find desire.

Because none will believe it, if you don’t.




As we enter a new year, ANAABU wants to support YOU in being YOU. It can be from your personality, character and your style. Be proud of who you truly are and what you stand for. Celebrate this new start of 2023 with ANAABU T, designed to be your go to reliable workhorse when you are out creating.




Learn. To broaden your horizons.

Practice. To get better.

Consume. To make it an identity.

Grow. To be where you are meant to be.




A value to a group of similar beliefs, but to our differences, it's an idea of what you could possibly be. A creator of yourself.



The ANAABU T was designed with 3 important elements in mind. It focuses on the construction of the garment through the silhouette and structure of the T, which encourages mobility and secured comfort.

The T pays deliberate attention to the details of the neckline and sizing to ensure convenience was incorporated. Allowing you to remain unbothered and content. 



The character of the T was instantly created by the powerful inspiration behind the T’s icon, the letter ‘t’ in braille. This subtle detail can be seen on the garment’s eyelets. Thus, it relates and signifies characters of ANAABU core values, to feel and to touch yet let alone to be comfortable in. 



 Let this t-shirt exist within the journey of your creation. A t-shirt to be worn day in and day out yet feeling relaxed with minimal effort. Made from 100% heavyweight cotton material for constant comfort and longevity. A piece in which you can rely on when the rest couldn’t. Be it at home, a day out in the city or when exploring new places. 



This is a t-shirt, an ANAABU T t-shirt.


ANAABU T collection to be released on 5th January 2023 at 11AM.

Catch our campaign video here.  




Featuring ANAABU team


Director: Amani Azlin

Producer: Ariff Md Noor

Props and set up: Shasyasham 

Director of Photography: Matthew Chow

Editor: Amani Azlin

Audio: Faris Khairi

Wardrobe: Nazsyaqeeqa

Makeup Artist: Afie Rohim

Hair: Sofi

Photographer: Amani Azlin

Assistant: Saiful Azwan

BTS: Sofi

Copywriter: Ariff Md Noor & Sofi

Visual & Branding: Shasyasham

Graphic Designer: Dizrie

Concept & Designer: Ana Abu 

Assistant Designer: Arma Rohana Badrulsham

Production Manager: Nazsyaqeeqa


Ana Abu, Nasyaqeeqa, Kamarul, Dizrie, Ariff Md Noor, Afiq Adeeb

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