The absence of light

The absence of sight

But not the absence of might



Black absorbs,

Black holds,







 Black rests,

A moment

A life


And so they sing

Black holds no absence



Just because you have lived amongst the darkness,

does not mean the light cannot reach you.



In every person, there is a goal they wish to attain. 


 However, reaching your desired outcome is not always about getting from one point to the other, rather about being open to the endless possibilities along the way.


The Black series 2022 wants to encapsulate the trip in finding one’s self through exploration and discovery.


It is about adapting and becoming at peace with

new solutions,

new decisions &

new paths.



Life poses as a blank canvas in which you try new things. With this collection, black is the colour, fabric is the paint, silhouette is the picture and the canvas is you.


Let these pieces become a part of who you are.


Black holds no absence, black holds new beginnings.



Black Series 2022 was made to let you comfortably explore new styles without it being daunting. Every piece is crafted in different black fabrics and textures to allow you to find what resonates with you.



 We want you to explore by experimenting with the unique elements of each piece to establish your own distinctive style & identity.




This is only a starting point, a little push before you start discovering what piece is uniquely yours.

Let black be your constant.
An origin.



A collection that will hold your hand and let you grow.

Quietly, emerging from the darkness,

leading you to who you’re supposed to be.








Shaman Tearoom & Winnie Xuan

Director: Amani Azlin
Producer: Ariff Md Noor
Concept & Production: Shasyasham & Ariff Md Noor
Director of Photography: Matthew Chow
1st Assistant Camera: Hoya
Gaffer: David Choo
Editor: Amani Azlin
Music by Shaman Tearoom
Wardrobe: Nazsyaqeeqa, Alia
Makeup Artist: Dizrie
Production Assistant: Kamarul

Photographer: Amani Azlin
Assistant: Saiful Azwan

BTS: Dizrie
Copywriter: Ariff Md Noor & Sofi
Visual & Branding: Shasyasham
Graphic Designer: Dizrie

Concept & Designer: Ana Abu 
Assistant Designer: Arma Rohana Badrulsham
Production Manager: Nazsyaqeeqa

Talent: Nina Amin, Kii, Shaman Tearoom & Winnie Xuan


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