This raya, ANA ABU, the founder is going personal with the

upcoming eid collection by closely tying her

roots into the campaign. 

This collection was highly influenced by her family's

journey of migrating from different regions of

southeast Asia, finally leading her to Malaysia.

The pieces introduced in the SUKMA, TANAH & AIR

collection prominently show elements of panelling,

lines, and earthy toned colours to suit coherently with

Ana’s visual imagery of her upbringing.

The silhouettes of the garments were inspired by clothing

donned by past generations while also

introducing renditions of previous designs, infusing a

sense of modernity towards classic and timeless


Di mana bumi berpijak,

di situ langit dijunjung.

We are made of history.

 Spirits of ancestors flowing through bodies.

our flesh and blood our sweat and tears.

We are the borrowers.

Carrying stories on our back lessons of

love and light

inherited from generation to generation.

We come from a long line of travelers,

migrating from past to future 

passing down words of wisdom and prayers

a transition ever in motion.

Bulat air kerana pembetung,

 bulat manusia kerana muafakat--

air jugalah dicincang tiada putus.

The colour of our skin

the curve of our physique

the wrinkles on our hands

the lines on our faces

-  we are so different yet so similar.

It is within these contrasting thoughts and beliefs that we

unearth our shared values and reasoning.

As it takes water, air, and sun for seeds to grow into plants

-- without these different forces put together,

we won’t be harvesting any fruits of labour.

If there’s one thing that our motherland has taught us, it is this:

 The only way to rise against all odds, to march through

life no matter what’s thrown at us,

is to embrace unlikeness and empower realness.

Biduk lalu kiambang bertaut--

sakit sama mengadu,

luka sama menyiuk.

With every new environment Ana set upon, she carried

new fractions of memories along with her.

The mixture of differing moments made her uniquely


Through that, she incorporated her values of origin into

this collection to give it meaning and purpose.

Our forefathers didn’t stop.

They stayed grounded, their notions preserved, yet they didn’t stop.

Where they came from was never forgotten.

They forged ahead.

Hence, here we are. In their spirit.

Semangat. Jiwa. Sukma.

Dancing and versing through the same chorus, all in the

name of our motherland.  

Celebrating courage demands finding agreement in disagreement.

Because courage is moving forward despite faults and flaws.

Courage is pushing on and making progress despite the imperfections.

Our lineage traces its origin from exactly this.  

Duduk sama rendah, 

berdiri sama tinggi.

Serumpun bak serai,

sesusun bak sirih.  

      Whilst this collection may be challenging to resonate

with many,

 we believe her journey has certainly created a crucial 

impact on the generation of today.

Through her journey, she taught us to not let the past be


but rather let it seep into the stories of today.   

 Let’s illuminate our history through the celebration of the

past, for tomorrow and always.

Stand tall and proud with the relentless energy of

Sukma, tanah dan air.   



Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Ilaika Select Store

Johor Bahru

ANAABU Kedai Fizikal

22, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Johor Bahru

BEV C Multilabel store


Featured brand: Wasis Studio
Photographer: Amani Azlin
Assistant: Azwan Safwan
Producer: Ariff Md Noor

Visual & Art Dept. : Shasya Shamsuri
Production Assistant: Kamarul & Dizrie
Logistic: Syahir & Amir Shiraz
Stylist: Nazsya

Asst. Stylist: Shafiqah Rafi & Farah
Make-up Artist: Afie Rohim
Hairstylist: Deanni
Copywriter: Wani Ardy

Supporting writers: Sofi & Ariff Md Noor
Graphic Designer: Dizrie & Shasya Shamsuri
Concept & Designer: Ana Abu
Assistant Designer: Arma Rohana Badrulsham
Production Manager: Nazsya

Talents: Choi Lai Yoke, Najwa, Syafiq Syuib and Lalan


Featured Artist: No Good and Krew Dikir Sek Kito
Featured brand: Vans
 Director: Amani Azlin
Producer: Ariff Md Noor
Director of Photography:  Matthiew Chow
1st Assistant Camera: Wang Ten
Lighting Assist: Jiawei Jw & Ikhwan Lokman
Asst. producer: Azwan Safwan Production Assistant: Kamarul & Sofi
Logistic: Syahir & Amir Shiraz
Stylist: Nazsya
 Asst. Stylist: Farah & Shafiqah Rafi
Make-up Artist: Afie Rohim & Sabrina
BTS:  Shasya Shamsuri & Dizrie
Production Manager: Nazsya
 Assistant Designer: Arma Rohana Badrulsham
Concept & Designer: Ana Abu Talents: Afiq Adeeb, Hussein, Amir Shiraz, Alvin, Ammar, Heikal, Megat Zulkifli, Adam, Faiz and Nik Azam.