Once more the invitation is out, between us both there is space, the circle begins and ends where it starts.

The room is in the in-between, meet us there won't you? All there is in life, is to be seen. 


The invitation is open once again, a circular motion from across the plain.


Stories told over time have always begun from one point and ended at another, but when you look a little closer, it has always been circular. 



The stories of the in between is where all lies, in the screaming silence or in the deafening loudness of the world, space - RUANG - is the place. 



The carrying of weight on your shoulders, the many things around you will fit within, all that has been weighing on you will be a thing of the past, a has been. 



The circle speaks of many, and there is structure and in the space, all of your worries will be things that you will be able to endure.  



Then the circle asks for you to switch the gears, to make the turn and change the pace of your perception - for not all is as it seems. 



The voices of the sphere eventually finish and they say, let your hair stay, cap it and may it grow in all of the colors of the sky - green, olive, black and grey, there in the RUANG, is where you will find your way. 




Moving through the various spaces in life with distractions aplenty, ease of self and movement becomes a vital necessity. ANAABU hopes to embody a sense of comfort and security—a familiar sight that instils certainty.


The second installation of the RUANG family, this collection is an ode to all the spaces we occupy, alone and with others. Roomy silhouettes are now featured through the accessories that are typically carried in one's day to day. Items are constructed in soft, easy care blended cotton. 

Offering a multitude of possibilities, RUANG: Compartment II is the necessary reply to our first compartment, an almost completion, an approach to closing the circle. 


Shop RUANG: COMPARTMENT II on 22.02.2022, 11.00AM at:
Ilaika Store, Petaling Jaya
Bev C, Johor Bahru



Belakang Gambar | Photographer : Amani Azlin

Belakang Koleksi | Designer : Ana Abu

Belakang Bakat | Talents: Nina, Afiq

Belakang Kata | Copywriter: Pravin

Belakang Tabir | People Behind the scenes: Nazsya, Shasya, Zhi Juin & Pravin

Terima Kasih | Special Thank You: Studio KRYWN

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