It is said that a man travels all over the world in search of what he needs…
only to find it when he returns home at the end of his journey.

‘Home’, which we thought was a place..
when in fact, ‘home’..
 is a person.

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If you have the ability to turn back time, how would you do things all over again? Wouldn’t you make everything so much better than it was?

There was one time that we went back to our past works, sliding through the originals and questioning ourselves, "How can we make this better?".

 In KEMBALI, we chose the pieces that define the label we are today, thoughtfully and meticulously. The silhouettes that deserve to be reborn. Only this time with comfier material, exquisite detailings . “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” we say, and so classic patterns are here to stay.

As it takes two to tango, there is something for every him and every her. This time around, no one is left behind. Literally. With this, introducing ANAABUkids – where the little ones complete the family puzzle. There is no time better than now and we are seizing the opportunity to pursue the dreams we have always had. ANAABUkids is a labour of love; a long wait that is finally a reality.

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KEMBALI is not about living in the past. It is about reflecting and recognizing that life is a circle of trials and errors, lost and found, disconnect and reconnect, because every new day is a chance to remake ourselves better than we were yesterday.

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Starting 4th April 2022
BASE Studio, Subang Jaya
Ilaika, Petaling Jaya
BEV C, Johor Bahru

Publika Shopping Gallery
8 April - 1 May 2022

Central Market
23 & 24 April 2022

A collection by ANAABU

Amani Azlin
Producer: Sara Kong
Videographer: Matthew Chow
Writer: Wani Ardy
Voice Over Artist: Aishah Ali & Megat Zulkifli
Sound Designer: Asylum Studios
Production Designer: Shasya Shamsuri
Puppet Maker: Zyin
Set Model & Prop Fabrication: Zyin
Stop Motion Animator: Zyin
Set Model & Prop Fabrication Assistant:Xia Yi, Aisyah Azmi, Zhi Juin,Shasya Shamsuri,Ana Abu
Online Editor & Color Grading: Lemon
Offline Editor & Rigging Removal: Zyin

Photographer : Amani Azlin
Assistant Photographers: Raymond & Saiful Azwan
Producers: Ariff MdNoor & Deanni
Makeup Artists: Afie Rohim & Haylee
 Hair stylist: Deanni
Props & Setup: Shasya Shamsuri & Yap Zhi Juin
Stylist & Wardrobe: Nazsyaqeeqa, Pika & Farwizah
Talents (Adults): Megat Zulkifli, Sherry, Nina Amin & Amad
Talents (Kids): Aslan, Maya, Amal Aminah, Ayra, Auda, Fayyad, Rizqi, Suri, Mawar & Julia
Studio: House of Karyawan & BASE Studio
Concept, Designed & Produced by: Ana Abu