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Posted by Ana Abu on

Wrapping up the challenging 2020 and welcoming the hopeful 2021-- let's take it easy and BE FREE – damp or dry, the city or the seaside.
Back after high demand, ANAABU steps up with BREE; the brand's signature sandal collection, ready to carry and stand by your new resolutions. This sought-after bestseller has been crafted to be finer and better. Each sandal is handmade and crafted with microfiber leather, which plays off the feel of natural leather, but is much flexible and lightweight than the later. Stitches were added on the sole to make it more durable and long lasting.
BREE sandals are gender-neutral and available in Black and Brown with various measurements; for 2 to 12 year old children as well as adults with large sizes options. A gift for the whole family.


In the spirit of togetherness and taking care of each other, we are also inviting you to MARI MEMBREE; our humble effort in providing continual aid and assistance towards pandemic relief. From every BREE sandal that you purchase, RM 5  will be donated to the IMARET Covid-19 Support Fund. We want you to know that carefree does not mean careless. We believe charity and kindness comes in all shapes and sizes.

So are you ready to BE FREE?

Well- if the sandal fits, wear it.



Photographer  Shah Azman

Talent Nini-chan, Amirul Husaini, Deanna, Hafiz, Juhd, Luth

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