1. Take the best picture of you or anyone wearing Anaabu. You are allowed to use your friend who has any Anaabu collection, or buy your own at

2. Photos must be originally from you, or anyone who permitted you to use it for this contest.

3. Upload on your IG, and use hashtag #anaabuphotography (make sure to unprivate your profile)

4. The contest will run until 9th October 2016.



1. We will judge heavily on photography aspects ; composition, lighting, angle, color editing.

2. Post as many photos as you like.

3. The more likes you get, the more chances you will win.

4. Have a look at our previous campaign photos as your reference. Remember, it HAS to be Anaabu’s way if you want to win it.



1. 3 Best photos in terms of photography will win a RM100 voucher for any purchase during Bangsar Soft Launch Event + Featured on IG + Secret Gift + Invitation to the event.

2. 9 honourable mentions in terms of photography will be featured on IG + Invitation to the event.

3. Top 50 who get most likes will be invited to our Bangsar Soft Launch Event.


Note :

1. Location of the event will be announced to all the winners after the contest period ends.

2. We can’t entertain all DMs, so best to email us at

3. It’s a treasure-hunting game, so have fun hunting!