Peace after every downpour. Silence after every gale. Conflicting elements yet they often arrive hand-in-hand, like ripples in a pond, like a chain of events. A beautiful disaster waiting to be discovered through wabi-sabi, which means "finding perfection within the imperfections of life." No matter how contrary, we shall agree to disagree. No matter how unalike, we come together as one.

"Cluttered yet coordinated. Chaotic yet classified.”

Him & Her : Eid Series by ANAABU is a continuity of the preceding unisex collection, this time incorporated with a hint of clutter and chaos. The freedom to remake one distinct design into various looks to flatter different occasions. The philosophy of togetherness and diversity is preserved in creating this second series to ensure the inventiveness and versatility that ANAABU has always been known for.

While the mode of the previous campaign was basic and ordinary, this following assemblage is messy yet orderly. ANAABU still retains its signature effortless style, understanding that every wearer want the outfit worn beyond a single time.

Inspired by Japanese minimal culture and character, the pieces may appear simple at first glance, but there are statement detailing in terms of structure and substance. Maintaining high-quality fabric such as Japanese cotton and linen in earth tones, ANAABU proves that comfort is key. Minimal, yes- but resilient. With strong designs, you no longer need a lot to create a lot. Functional and practical, flexible and gender-neutral.

Messy or orderly-pick your hue. And bring out you in ANAABU.



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