How to machine wash your garments

How to machine wash your garments
We have received numerous feedbacks on how to wash your garments delicately. Hence, not damaging your favourite pieces. At ANAABU, we do listen to all these feedback and we are constantly finding ways to help. Your satisfaction towards our products is what we valued most.
Although we advise to hand wash these garments, but we understand many found using a washing machine is easier and time saving.
Here we would like to share some important steps on what could be the ideal way to wash your ANAABU pieces when using the machine.


How to wash:
Step 1:
Turn your garments inside out to keep away fading or pilling on the outside of the pieces.
Step 2: 
Separate heavy coloured pieces from the light coloured ones to avoid colour bleeding.
Step 3:
Use only liquid detergent and not powder detergent as it can have trouble dissolving with colder water and leave residue on your garments (add in softener if needed).
Step 4:
Set to cold and delicate wash on the machine settings.
Step 5:
Step 6:
Lastly, we advise to hang dry them to avoid shrinkage.
We hope these simple steps helps a long way in maintaining and preserve the longevity of your loved pieces :)


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