Ever since the world has taken a turn and almost came to a stop in 2020, celebrating Hari Raya had never been the same. Coping with the new normal this Eid 2021, we can't help but find ourselves reminiscing the good old times we once had. The long "balik kampung" drives, the annual family gathering filled with the sweet sound of laughter and the extremely mouthwatering and delicious food we look forward to eating every year.

Without a doubt, it is rather disappointing to celebrate one of the most beautiful festive seasons of the year a little different than what we're used to. Some of us may be separated by the borders, those out of the country may not be granted permission to return home, some may be tied away at work such as the frontliners, or some may be in isolation for the safety of others. With so many factors that have come into play, we utterly have no other choice but to celebrate the beauty that still lies in between the lines of it all. Love.

This Eid 2021, ANAABU celebrates the beauty of love and absence. In conjunction with the RINDU Collection, Anaabu has collaborated with a remarkable Indonesian writer, Kharisma P. Lanang; with the hope to bring out and capture the essence of "rindu" in our Eid 2021 collection. With such beautiful words crafted, we have also implement his astounding and beautiful words into our Eid Greeting Card.

It brings us so much joy to bring you this exclusive interview with Kharisma himself, to better understand his work and the mind behind each masterpiece he has crafted. We truly hope it inspires you in the most beautiful ways and enlightens your mind and heart this Raya season. May you always remember, no matter the distance, the love will always be there, and it shall never get lost nor disappear.

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