The Pocket Issue

An experimental series from our researched collection, The Pocket Issue has turn into reality for our latest release, ANAABU LIMITED. The Oversized Pocket Shirt comes in beige, white and black while the Linen Harem Pants comes in beige and black, all of which are the trademark palettes of ANAABU.

This collection is an exploration of wearing linen in the unique climates of South East Asia (SEA) countries. Loose, oversized, and asymmetrical are the key elements in designing every piece thus fostering the unisex dimensions.

The release of this collection marks our humble attempt in the pursuit of experimenting with unisex garments followed by our debut campaign, Him & Her. Both Anaabu Limited and Shoes are available for purchase now.


November 23rd, 2016

Photographer : Shah Azman

Models: Deanna & Deanni