ANAABU is a fashion and apparel brand focuses on satisfying the fashion needs of both women and men. Every year we aim to produce seasonal collections to cater to our customers’ desire.

Derived from the concept of beauty in minimalism, ANAABU is best described as an independent, sustainable brand that infuses soft androgyny into every inch of its creations. The brand works largely with linen and cotton as the neutrality of the texture is highlighted, and the details of each piece is well pronounced. Designing intimately with minimal adornment and muted colour, ANAABU reflects clean silhouettes making every pieces highly wearable; the perfect essential to a capsule wardrobe.

The Revolution

Officially registered as a company on January 2010 (JM0604985-D), it all started with our founder, then-civil engineer Ana Abu selling vintage clothes online. Over the years, ANAABU has been through the re-branding and re-structuring process. The company’s current look and business direction was established in January 2015 with the brand concentrating on producing its own collections.

Now, the company has grown towards  sustainable fashion brand – controlling the resources and spreading the awareness, one at a time.

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