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What does black mean to you?

Black is so fluid to me. It can be edgy, it can say 'Don't mess with me', yet still remain elegant.

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What is your latest work?

I just released a duet with Imran Ajmain called "Sentiasa Merinding". I'm also working on my EP which will be out very soon. 

What inspires you to do music?

Music is so powerful; it allows me to express myself and seeing how my music has affected others in a positive way, pushes me to continue doing what I do.

Photo by @ttfga via Instagram

What is your best style advise?

Be original. Find a style that best represents YOU.

Quotes to live by?

My mom would always tell me, "Don't rely on others to make you happy; be responsible for your own happiness".

Najwa in the Knotted Kimono Outer and Crinkled Cocoon Pants of #anaabublackseries

Photo by: @shakey.shakey

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