“Ana, why don’t you create one full black collection, like what you’re always wearing, next?” said Ariff, our only male in the team, sometime last year.


The idea was always at the back of my head before, hibernating before being woken up by that question. So I quickly replied, “Why not?”

After almost 3 years experimenting with designs and fabrics for unisex series, we thought of going back to basic and focus on the essentials – recreating the bestsellers – all in black. The collection will consist of several of our bestseller designs and new silhouette, including accessories that will be released phase by phase.

Photo credit @amania_ on Instagram

In conjunction with the release, we want you to appreciate the meaning behind this statement colour. While waiting, check out  #ANAABUBLACKSERIES contest on Instagram and you might win one pair of our designs soon.

Photo credit @shahazman_ on Instagram

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