I was super skinny back in 2008 – the time when boot cut jeans and baby tee trend was on the rise. All clothes didn’t seem to fit me well, either the thigh was too tight or the waist was too loose. I was uncomfortable, I felt too skinny and I didn’t know what to wear for a class or a day out.

Thank god the trend changed, and I discovered thrift and vintage stores as my new treasures. I started exploring my mom’s clothes, tried to mix and match, and I found a perfect formula on what to wear for my skinny body – oversized and loose clothing. Here I am excited to share the tips and tricks in wearing oversized and loose clothing based on my experience, to look modest and chic without looking too sloppy.


Based on my experience, the main trick in wearing oversized clothing is to balance out body proportion. Generally, if your top is baggier, the rest of your outfit should be fitted. Nowadays, we can find many types of oversized clothing such as dropped-shoulder jacket, kimono outer, oversized sweater, loose shirt etc. Perfect pair to these outfit are skinny pants, tapered or cigarette pants and pencil skirt. Vice versa, loose culottes, palazzo pants, wide-leg pants can be paired with fitted shirt.

Me in Long Oversized Blazer of Anaabu Basics and Tapered Pants of Him and Her Series


But I don’t like skinny pants, how?

Sometimes, I don’t prefer skinny jeans or fitted bottom (mainly because I am pregnant now) and to look modest, I prefer pairing loose top with loose bottom. There are some tricks for you to not looking too sloppy. First, shorter hemline. I always like to pair an oversized top or outerwear with loose culottes, ankle tapered pants or ankle pencil skirt. This pair will offset the volume of the upper half, thus gives a balanced proportion and add some height to your overall outfit. You can always cover your ankle with simple or fancy socks to add some statement.

Featured: Instagram @caninehigh in Aka Kebarung of Anaabu Eid 2016 Collection paired with ankle length pleated skirt and minimal boots.

If you prefer to wear palazzo, wide-leg pants or boyfriend jeans instead of shorter bottom, add some height by wearing them tucked-in and high waisted. Pair them with fitted shirt layered with oversized kimono, bomber jacket or long blazer for a loose yet elegant look.

An oversized long blazer paired with high-waisted wide-leg pants from Anaabu Basics.


“Fashion is another accessory for someone with great style”. No matter what brand you wear, or how expensive your clothes are, you will have a great look if you know how to style your outfit. I always love to half-tucked my oversized top into a harem pants, rolled up my boyfriend shirt sleeves to give them loose and laid back silhouette. Sometimes, you can also add in a waist clincher to give your waist a shape.

Deanni and Deanna in half-tucked in Oversized Pocket Shirt from The Pocket Issue.

Loose tee half-tucked in Aile Skants of Anaabu Eid 2016.

These tips and tricks are all based on my experience as an oversized lover. What suits one person may not necessarily suit the next, so you can always experiment with your outfit to figure out what is best for your body proportion. If you got more tips in wearing oversized clothing, share with us at the comment below. Have a nice oversized day ahead!



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